Adam Park
Name: Adam Park
Age: 40
Color: Black/Green

Background: Adam is the former Black and Green Rangers and is
also the husband of Mina. As a Ranger he is well aware of what
Mina faces as Sailor Venus. He is able to relate to her and, while
he worries about her, he understands her desire to fight.

Adam is a doctor with a specialization in sports medicine. He also
helps his friend Rocky run the Blue Dragon dojo, and he is
currently a silent partner in ownership.

He does still have his Ranger power, but he tries not to use it and
lets Mina fight her own battles, though sometimes, in serious
cases, he does step in and help out. He loves Mina very much and
is very protective of her. He also adores his daughters Kimber
and Minako and loves being a father.