Chad Holdenfield
Name: Chad Holdenfield
Age: 38

Background: Chad is Raye’s boyfriend and is a celebrity in his own right.
He’s a singer/songwriter that made it big when he gave up trying to make it
in rock and turned to country. He’s signed to Michelle and Mina's Starlight
Records label and had some early success. Recently his career has been in a
lull but he hasn't given up.

Chad used to be an extremely air-headed, typical southern California boy,
but he’s grown into a mature an, thanks in large part to Raye…although he
can still be somewhat air-headed or naïve at times. He is aware of Raye’s
double life and doesn't much like it but accepts it. Chad and Raye have a
somewhat volatile relationship, but at the end of the day Chad would do
anything for Raye and she knows it. He would love to marry her and has
proposed multiple times but she turns him down every time saying she's not
ready. They do have a child together and he loves his daughter Courtney
very much.