Updated 7/19/2019
Which one of your original character is your favorite?

This is hard to answer because I like them all but I would have to say that Michelle is my favorite because I’ve
been using her the longest. I created her long before I ever started writing fanfics. Because of that I’ve developed
her the most and I’m very attached to her. Of course I’m attached to Harley too because she’s Michelle and
Hunter’s daughter and that’s one relationship I personally love writing about. But currently if I had to pick one
character it would be S
ammi. She is dealing with a lot she never expected and exploring how that transforms her
is really interesting to me.

What is Michelle problem? The girl needs to have limits.

I get this a lot from readers and it’s understandable. The thing you have to understand about Michelle is that she
is a free spirit. She tends to have trouble listening to her head and follows her heart. This can get her into
trouble. Michelle is very unique and you really have to try to get inside her head to fully understand her. You also
have to look at her past
 to see how she grew to be what she is. As one of my friends so aptly put it she’s very
“high strung”. To get a better understanding of Michelle I recommend checking out her ‘autobiography’.

Which is your favorite couple?

The easy answer to this is Hunter and Michelle for obvious reasons. But, my favorite Uncharted Wind couple of
all time would be Savannah and Bridge. Even more so than Michelle and Hunter. These two characters are so
perfect together and have actually developed a fan base of their own. It’s a very wonderful, beautiful thing.

Do you have a favorite series?

No. I love all my series. I guess the one I’m most attached to is Wild Cats because it comes from a special place.

What started “Uncharted Wind”?

I started “Uncharted Wind” because I had the idea for Genesis and I made a site so I could keep the characters
straight myself because I had never done a series full of original characters before. From there I started posting
the episodes of PRG and people actually read it! After that I decided to start posting a story called “Power
Rangers: Mythology”. It was an idea I had to reunite some old Rangers. That idea fell apart but did, in part, carry
over to the Trainer Series (I maintain that PRM was my worst idea to date and I wish I could undo it). Trainer
Series came along because of Michelle. I’ve been writing stories about her since 1989 (long before I ever knew of
Power Ranger or Sentai). Anyway, there’s a lot of Michelle’s history that now only exists in my memory because I
no longer have some of those original notebooks, for whatever the reason, I decided that I wanted to have a
more detailed account of her for myself. That is why at times Michelle seems to have a complicated past. She
does. What you are reading is years of development. Almost all the flashback scene throughout are truly scene
taken from hand written work or memories of what once was hand written work. Basically TS is for me so I can
keep track of Michelle. The fact so many people enjoy reading it is purely a bonus!

Who is Jon?

Jon is mentioned throughout the Trainer Series. In a couple of stories you’ll see his full name used (Jon
Giovanni). Jon was Michelle rock star first husband. They divorced in Ep. 10 of Trainer Series but he's recently
become a major part of the stories again. Jon is based on a real rock star, just as Ben Belen is. I used to have
issues with using real life characters in my stories (no problems name dropping or letting them have cameos,
such as Kira meeting Avril Lavigne but actually using them as a regular character is different) so I changed
names and make them fictional. I think it’s obvious who Jon and Ben are meant to be, but perhaps it’s only
obvious to me. Actually most of the celebrities that I use, if their name is just give
n straight out they are based on
someone with a similar name. Just one of those things.
I try to make it obvious with out straight up using the
name. These days if you don't know who Jon is meant to be you aren't looking hard enough.

What is the background with “Wild Cats”?

“Wild Cats” was something I started because the TV show “Higher Ground” (in which Jorge Vargas Jr. AKA Blake
Bradley co-starred) really affected me. Partly because of what the general concept of the show is and partly
because I can relate to it in my own real life. Because of that I wanted to somehow work the concept into my work.
Being as both Michelle and Hunter have troubled pasts it stands to reason they would want to open a school for
troubled youth.

What’s the deal with Blake and Auggie?

Auggie is the character that Jorge Vargas Jr. played on “Higher Ground”. As I said above this show really
affected me and the character of Auggie is really cool in my opinion. I decided to cross these two universes
together and make Auggie’s family Blake’s birth family. Adds drama that we all know I love and crosses two of my
favorite series

It’s been awhile since you’ve posted an episode of (insert series name here) when will you post more?

Yes. I know. Life happens. I started this site back when I was just a college kid in my late teens. Now I am a 30
something woman with a family. I still absolutely love this site and hope there will always be some version of it to
update...but my time isn't as free as it once was. I promise to update as much as possible but I make no promise
as to how often that will be.

Can I use Michelle (or Harley or Savannah…etc) in my own fic?

I’m getting this question more and more and I’m so flattered that my characters are liked well enough that some
people want to use them. Don’t ask me this question without adding a link to your previous work though. I’m very

picky where my characters are used so unless I’ve read and liked your work then I won’t give you permission.
Honestly as flattered as I am I ever got this question you should add your own OCs to your stories. That's half the
fun of fanfics!

Can you use my OC in one of your stories? She/he can be (insert canon character here)’s boy/girlfriend
or something.

No. Again, I’m picky about who enters the Uncharted Wind universe. If I didn’t create it and it's not canon then it’s
not included. There are very few exceptions to this and only certain people I will let help me create people for this
universe. They know who they are. If you have a great OC then go write about them. They’re your OC. I’m sure
you’d write them better anyway.

I love your work. Will you co-write with me?

Probably not. I’ve co-written a couple of things and if you notice you won’t find them posted here. I’m a solo
worker and when I sit down to co-write it’s a ton of fun, but I’m rarely pleased with the results. B
esides, I really
don't have time to co write with anyone, aside from my wife.

I have written some fics but I have no place to post them. Will you post them on your site?

I am open to it. I used to have a hosted section but it's not really there anymore. That said contact me at
cillahagle@gmail.com and we can talk if that's something you want me to do.

Will you post my original fiction?

Yes, same as above.

I love your work. Can I repost one of your stories (pictures, series, etc) on my site?

I have no problem with that as long as it is posted with a link to www.unchartedwind.net and proper credit is given
to the site as the author. Give me credit and feel free to post to your heart's content.

What is the deal with SPD? Why do you have it in 2020 and when the show says it's in 2025?

Easy. Because EVERY promo for SPD that lists a year states that it takes place in 2020. Silly me, I followed the
promo. By the time the show said the year was 2025 I had already had my entire storyline set as if it were in
2020. I decided that instead of rewriting over 100 pages of fics I would just stick with the 2020 and let the show
use whatever or however many years they want. All I can say is that it doesn't really matter what year it's in, I like
my SPD storylines and face it...if Savannah were 20 instead of 15 my SPD fics wouldn't be nearly as good.

How do you recolor the Ranger images?

It's hard to explain. For this reason I've created a video tutorial to show you exactly how to do this using

Wait, I thought this was a Power Ranger fic site. Why is the 2009 Trainer Series about Sailor Moon?

Because I never claimed this was a solely Power Rangers fic site. If you've read more than two stories here you
know that. This is a meshed up fic site. It covers PR, Saved by the Bell, Sailor Moon, and Higher Ground...among
others. TS 2009 was something fun and different since RPM is set in the distant future.
This was a chance to
change it up.
Same reason when I restarted TS I went back to Sailor Moon. It's a fun change.

Why is Tommy with Kim and why do they have a son named Tony? In canon he's married to Kat and they
have a son named JJ.

The most obvious being I wrote Genesis LONG before JJ ever existed. The other being I always felt Kat and
Jason were a much better couple than Kat and Tommy. When "Son of the Dragon" came out I did a rewrite of the
first couple of Genesis episodes to reflect the change in canon. I didn't like the result. At all. I spent awhile trying
to figure out how to handle it and finally just decided that I liked it the way I had written it and I was going to stick
with it. So yes, I know JJ exists. I'm not a fan of his story or the entire TomKat pairing. I'll take JasKat any day and
simply I'm not willing to change years worth of work to reflect a story I don't even like.

Why are there so many broken links?

Simple. My original domain, which was Unchartedwind.com, expired and some greedy company swiped it up and
is asking an insane amount to sell it back to me so they are letting it sit unused. To get my site back I had to
change it to Unchartedwind.net and although I am trying to correct all the links that go back to the original site
there are a lot of links! Years worth of work I'm updating. So if you find a broken link and want to let me know so I
can fix it ASAP feel free to email me at cillahagle@gmail.com and I'll get on it.

What's with the multiverse thing?

With various version of Power Rangers now I thought it would be fun to dabble with various versions of Michelle.
Some are fleshed out more than others but it's just a fun way for me to explore various versions of her. The main
universe is still my top priority.

If you have a question not answered above feel free to ask me. Just send your question to
cillahagle@gmail.com and I will get back to you.