Dear Reader,


First and foremost I want to thank you for visiting Uncharted Wind. This site has existed in some form or another since 2003. I never expected to still be adding new content at this point. I expected at some point it would simply become an archive of past work. While it has served at that for several years I have recently found my passion for writing again and I decided it was time to refresh this old site. I absolutely love bringing you fresh and new stories that are an exciting mix of various fandoms with some original creativity and am excited to be doing that once more.


The one thing that is difficult sometimes about mixing fandoms is getting them to mesh the way I need for them to. It has never been a secret that the base, the foundation of this series is the Power Rangers fandom. Everything else is meshed into that.


I mention this because, to be completely honest, I haven’t found Power Rangers worth watching in several years. When I decided to pick up the Uncharted Wind Universe again I quickly realized I needed to do it with something else. That led me back to Sailor Moon. I don’t feel like I’m done with these characters. There is more story to tell and I am ready to tell it. I bring you Sailor Moon Multiverse.


SMM takes place in the present day (2018/2019) and because I am meshing it into the PR Universe you will see some changes to the SM Universe. I feel the need to discuss this because I know that hardcore Sailor Moon fans are very protective of the continuity of the series. If you’re a reader of TS and/or read the Nemesis series you already know of some the changes that are being made…for those that are unaware I have included some of the major changes below/.


I know one of the major pet peeves of many fans is the mixing of the original and dubbed anime. Despite this I’m taking that a step further. I’m mixing elements from the animes, the live-action, and some original elements to bring you something unique and interesting.


I’m not going to discuss all the changes as that would ruin the story for you guys not to mention who knows what all will happen at this point.


The first change I do want to cover is the names. For the most part I’ve stuck with the dubbed names, however for the characters without American last names I did Americanize them. Here is a list of the conversions:


Usagi Tsukino- Serena Warren (Shields)

Ami Mizuno- Amy Anderson

Rei Hino- Raye Hino

Makoto Kino- Lita Stevens (Foreman)

Minako Aino- Mina Gordon (Park)

Haruka Tenou- Amara Stratos

Michiru Kaiou- Michele Waters-Stratos (Note the one ‘l’ in ‘Michele’ to differentiate from “Michelle Morris”)

Setsuna Meiou – Trista Mills

Mamoru Chiba- Darien Shields

Hotaru Tomoe- Hotaru Tomoe

Motoki Furuhata- Andrew Foreman

Yuuichirou Kumada- Chad Holdenford



Of course on the cast page you’ll see more about the characters and you can always visit the SM Nemesis page to get more history of the way these characters are used.


The only other change I’m really going to discuss is Michelle’s place in the Sailor Soldiers because, although it will be mentioned frequently in the stories and has been discussed in great detail in the past, it’s important to remember. Technically speaking, Michelle could have always been Sailor Saturn. It was only because of Hotaru she wasn’t and she took the mantle of the Purple Ranger instead. Michelle has also always had a special place among the planetary princesses. She is the Princess of Saturn, but as the holder of the Satuarian Amethyst (the Outer equivalent of the Moon’s Silver Crystal), she is also the princess that the Outer Soldiers must protect. You could even go as far as to say that Michelle is Serena’s Outer counterpart, with the exception of the fact that Michelle considers it as important to protect Serena as the Inner Soldiers do. I wanted to make sure that I made that point clear so that you can fully understand Uranus’s, Neptune’s and Pluto’s dedication to Michelle.


It is also important to note that Michelle and Hotaru are two sides of the same coin. The contradiction of Saturn, so to speak. Dark and Light. Good and Evil. Black and White. This was explored extensively in the Nemesis series.


Finally, I truly hope you can look at this series and see it for what it is…a unique take on a beloved story. It is not meant to disrespect the original story at all…in fact it is quite the opposite. I adore the original and if anything this is my homage to it. My way of updating it, bringing it to now, and making it into something new and fun for fans, new and old alike, to enjoy.


Thank you for sticking with me for all these years, I dedicate this series to each and every one of you as I couldn’t do this without you.


In the name of the Moon, may the power protect you,