Michelle DeSantos/Sailor Saturn
Name: Michelle Morris-DeSantos
Age: 39
Color: Purple

Background: Michelle is best known as the Purple Ranger, but when Hotaru vanishes
she has to step up and take the mantle of Sailor Saturn again.

Michelle is a very popular singer and part owner of Starlight Records. She is good
friends with all of the Soldiers, due to their working together and past connections, but
she’s always been a Ranger, rarely an actual Soldier. There have been few times in the
past when Michelle has had to become Sailor Saturn, but she is always happy to do it.

Michelle is married to former Ranger, Rocky and together they have a 6 year old
daughter, Harley. All Michelle wants is to live a normal life without risking her life.
Since she became a mother all she wants is to keep her family safe. She is not happy
about picking up the power...any power...again.