Empress Michelle Bradley
Name: Michelle Morris-Bradley
Age: 39
Color: Purple

Background: Michelle was once known as the Purple Ranger, but when Lord Drakkon
took over the Earth and she uncovered he was her brother she used that knowledge to
save her planet, Saturn. She formed an alliance with Drakkon and eventually started to
become power hungry in her own right. She started to over throw the Queens of the
other outer planets and named herself Empress of the Outer Sol System.

She lives in her palace on Saturn but also rules over Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and
Pluto. Her emperor is an Earthling named Hunter Bradley that she fell in love with on
one of her excursions to Earth. Together Michelle and Hunter have a daughter named
Harlyn, the princess of Saturn. Michelle also turned her ex-boyfriend Jon into a servant
and secret concubine. The only things Michelle cares about are power and her family.
Everything else is expendable to her.