Mina Park/Sailor Venus
Name: Mina Gordon-Park
Age: 37
Color: Orange

Background: Mina is a woman that is full of life and surprise. She
the formal leader to the Sailor Soldiers, but is ok with stepping
back to let Serena, as princess, take charge.

She is Michelle’s right hand woman, playing guitar and co-
writing many songs, for the band. Mina had also recorded two
solo albums, which she is very proud of, but have failed to have
commercial success. She did however find success as an actress,
starring in a hit TV show and several blockbuster movies.

Mina is also married to former Power Ranger Adam Park. They
met through Michelle and quickly formed a mutual respect that
turned to love. Through loving Adam Mina has matured a great
deal, though she is still a very fun-loving, easy going person as
well. Mina and Adam have 2 daughters, 5 year old Kimber and 2
year old Minako.