Raye Hino/Sailor Mars
Name: Raye Hino
Age: 37
Color: Red

Background: Raye is a very strong woman that doesn’t take any
crap from anyone. She is the formal secondary leader to the
Sailor Soldiers, Sailor Mars, a role she takes seriously.

Career wise she started out playing keyboard in Michelle’s band
before expressing interest in going solo. After a couple of
successful solo records she decided to record an album with
Serena as a duo. After running into some creative differences on
their second album, Raye decided to go solo again, although she
agreed to continue to play keyboard while maintaining her solo

Raye is also dating Chad Holdenford, a fellow musician she met
when he was helping at her grandfather’s temple. The
relationship between Raye and Chad is a uneasy one, to be sure,
but in the end they do love each other a lot, even if Raye doesn’t
always like to admit it. Chad has proposed several times but Raye
always insists she is not ready for marriage. They do have a
daughter together, however, 1 year old Courtney.