Episode 2- Universal Trouble


I followed the direction of the purple glow in the sky. As I got closer I saw Amara and Michele.


“It’s time isn’t it?” Amara asked me.


I nodded. “I think so. We’re back.”


“Then let’s do this.” Michele said.


“We got your back Princess. Always.” Amara said.


I nodded. “Ditto.”


“Outer Soldiers, wait!” a voice said.


We turned around and saw Luna running for us.


“Luna? Where’s the Inners?” I asked.


“Artemis is rounding them up. I needed to find you all. I have new powers for you.” Luna said. She flipped in the air and 3 bracelets appeared. They were metal with stone of our color along the top. “When you transform say your planet’s name then Mystic Power and you’ll have a new form that will be even more powerful.” Luna explained.


“Thanks Luna!” I smiled.


“Ok, we got this.” Amara said as we all put our bracelets on.


We started running. When we arrived at the source of the light, downtown, we saw...me. We saw me. A me that had her hair in a high ponytail, plum leather pants and vest, boots, and much darker makeup than I usually wore. “What...the...fuck.” I said.


“No idea?” Amara asked.


I shook my head. “Not a clue.”


“Oh good, some entertainment has arrived.” the other me said with a smirk.


“Who are you?” I asked.


She sneered at me. “You. But better. I’m the you that could have been...the you with power...the you that you failed to realize. You can call me Empress.”


“Empress? Ego much?” I scoffed.


“What do you want?” Amara asked.


“Oh, not a lot. Just control of your entire solar system.” Empress laughed.


“That’s not happening.” Michele said as the Inners arrived.


“What the hell?” Raye cried seeing two mes.


“I know.” I said.


“Where did you come from?” Mina asked.


“I believe you’d call it Universe D.” Empress said.


“Oh wonderful...more multiverse nonsense.” Lita sighed.


“You could make this easy on yourselves and surrender now.” Empress said.


“Yeah, that’s not happening.” Serena said, “Ready?”


“Ready!” we echoed.


“Saturn Mystic Power!” I cried as everyone called out their own planet. We all transformed into completely new uniforms. Gone were our old sailor school girl outfits and they were replaced with uniforms that, while still our colors, were more reminiscent of Xena. We certainly looked more like warriors than school girls now...which reflected our age better, so I can’t say I minded.


“Sweet upgrade!” Serena smiled.


“Can we focus here Sailor Moon?” Raye snapped.


“Oh...sorry.” Serena blushed.


“This will be easier than I thought.” Empress laughed as she fired off some really strong purple lightning at us.


“Crap!” I cried as I jumped out of the way. I landed and took a battle stance, “2 can play at that game.” I fired lightning back at her.


She jumped back and laughed at me. “You are so pathetic. How was I ever this lame?” She shot off more lightning. This time it hit me and sent me flying back.


“Saturn!” Michele cried running to my side.


“I’m ok.” I groaned as I stood up.


“I will have control of this solar system. We can do it the easy way or the hard way. I’ll let you decide. This was a taste of my power. I will be back and you can decide how this goes down.” Empress said as she vanished.


I sighed and looked at my team. “I don’t know what to say.” I said.


“Saturn, that wasn’t you. It was a version of you but a different person. You can’t control her...we do need to figure out how to handle her though.” Mina said.


“Pluto, come with me to my lab. We need to figure out how she got to our Universe.” Mercury said.


Trista nodded. “OK, Uranus, I’ll be in touch.”


“We all will.” Mina said.


“I need to go warn Rocky there’s two of me wandering around.” I said.


“Let Tommy know too. We need to get the word out to all veteran Rangers. We can’t allow her to manipulate them thinking she’s you.” Raye said.


I nodded and took off.


I powered down before I got back to the dojo. I went in and found Rocky, Jen, Dana, Wes, and Carter watching the kids practice.


“Mich, are you ok?” Rocky asked as he opened his arms to me.


I rushed into his arms and hugged him tight. “I’m so glad to see you.”


“What happened?” Jen asked.


I sighed and pulled away from Rocky. “Wes, I’m actually glad you are here…” I started as I went on to explain what happened.


“So you were attacked by an evil you from another universe?” Rocky asked


I nodded. “And we have to warn all the veteran Rangers so she can’t pretend to be me.”


Wes nodded, “I’m on it.”


“Anything else we can do?” Jen asked.


I shook my head, “I don’t think so. Just make sure it’s really me when you see me.”


“How do we know?” Dana asked.


“We should have a code word.” I said.


“Good idea.” Jen said.


I nodded. “How about turnip? It’s random.”


Jen nodded. “Works for me. Wes, make sure all the vets have that code word.”


Wes nodded.


“I’m done...I need to go home.” I sighed.


Rocky nodded and picked up Harley. “Let’s lock up and head home.”


I had never been so happy in my life to be home. I fell on my couch and pulled Harley into my lap and hugged her.


“Are you ok Mommy?” she asked.


I nodded. “I’m ok now baby. You know I love you so so much, right?”


Harley nodded and hugged me tight. “I love you too Mommy.”


Rocky came and sat next to me. “Har, why don’t you go play outside for a bit before it gets dark.”


Harley nodded and ran off.


“What are we going to do?” Rocky asked.


”She’s powerful. I think more so than me...I actually do have an idea that might catch her off guard but the others will never go for it.” I said.


“What is it?” Rocky asked.


“Reviving Nemesis.”


Rocky’s eyes widened, “Are you insane?”


“That’s about the reaction I expected.


“What other reaction would you expect? Nemesis? Mich, did you forget what she tried to do to you?”


“Of course not! She killed my sister. Of course I remember it all.”


“Then how can you suggest reviving her?” Rocky asked.


“Because it’s something Empress would never expect coming and might actually give us the upper hand.”


“You’re presuming that Nemesis would fight with you instead of joining the Empress.” Rocky said.


“I just think it’s an idea worth exploring. Nemesis was intended to be one of my guardians.” I said.


“And look how that turned out.”


“We have to do something. We’re fighting me and a version of me willing to go to extremes I’m not.”





I had fun terrorizing the weak Sailor Soldiers of this universe...especially my counterpart. To think any version of me could be so incredibly lame was mind blowing. Messing with her would be the most fun of all. I wanted to toy with her before i destroyed her. To do that I needed to know her better. It didn’t take much research to realize this version of me continued her career as a singer and actress. It also didn’t take much research to find out her romantic history. She was married to a man named Rocky DeSantos but she had also been involved with many others, including this universe’s version of Hunter. Although they weren’t married in this universe it seemed pretty clear he was special to her. Seemed like a perfect place to start to me. I found out that this Hunter was a motocross racer and that made it very easy to figure out where he was. I looked at some pictures of my counterpart so I could try to dress like her. Her style was weak and didn’t portray the strength mine did, but it would have to do. I changed into a purple sleeveless shirt, jeans, and ankle boots then I took my hair down and brushed it straight and washed off my makeup. I applied lighter makeup including a pink lip gloss. I looked pathetic, but I also looked like her.


I found out Hunter was in the nearby town of New Tech City for a race. I found out what track he was at and showed up to his practice. Everyone there recognized me as Michelle so it was pretty easy to get in. I was escorted to the trailer where Hunter was. I knocked.


“Come in.” I heard Hunter say.


I opened the door and went inside. “Hi.” I said.


He looked at me with wide eyes, “Mich...what are you doing here?”


I needed to keep my demeanor soft if I wanted him to think I was her. I looked at him with a loving expression. “I needed to see you. I missed you so much.”


“Does Rocky know you’re here?” he asked.


“Of course not. I can’t trust him. Oh Hunter...I can’t trust any of them.” I said feigning despair and fear.


“Any of who? What’s going on?” he asked.


“The Sailor Soldiers and Rocky. They all turned on me...they don’t think I should have the Amethyst. They think it makes me too powerful. They are trying to destroy it.” I said.


“Wait, what? If they do that you’ll die.” Hunter said.


“I know. So do they.” I said.


“OK, I hate Rocky, you know that, but he would never want you dead.” Hunter said.


“The Soldiers convinced him there is no choice. Hunter, I’m scared. I can’t fight them alone.” I said as I made myself cry.


Hunter pulled me into his arms. “I’m not going to let them hurt you Mich. I would never let anyone hurt you.”


“So you’ll help me?” I asked as I rested my head on his chest.


“Of course. You know I would do anything for you. Even now.” Hunter said.


“Thank you.” I whispered.


“You’ll be safe with me. Come on, practice is wrapping up. Let’s go to my hotel and you can fill me in on how this started.” Hunter said.


I nodded and went with him. This was going perfectly.


I got back to his hotel room and sat on the bed. He came and sat next to me. He put his arm around me and I leaned on his shoulder. “I’m so scared.” I said softly.


“It will be ok Mich. I promise.” he said gently.


I tilted my head up to look at him. “I almost believe you.”


“You can believe me.” he said.


“I’ve missed you so much.” I whispered as I touched his face.


“I missed you too.” he said as he leaned in and kissed me passionately. This is exactly what I’d been wanting. It didn’t take long for the kissing to escalate. He wasn’t as good in bed as my Hunter but he was still quite good. Most importantly it would destroy my counterpart when she realized I’d seduced Hunter. And I was just getting started.