Trista Mills/Sailor Pluto
Name: Trista Mills
Age: 39
Color: Dark Green

Background: Trista is a mystery to most, but to those who know
her she is sweet, caring, and a very trustworthy friend. She is also
the Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto.

As Guardian of Time, Trista isn’t really able to have much of a
stable civilian career, although she is a very successful fashion
designer. Her fashion lines are always very popular and this
career allows her to return to the Gates of Time whenever needed.

However, Trista doesn’t have much of a personal life. As
Guardian of Time she never knows what life will bring and she
doesn’t want to get involved with anyone, only to have to leave
them behind. That said, due to a one night stand, she does have 1
daughter, 6 year old Jennifer. She never let the father know
about Jennifer as she isn't sure who he is or how to contact him.
She raises her daughter alone and she likes it that way.