7/21/19- Yay updates! I have posted a new episode of SMM and there
will be much more of that series in the next few days. Also I promised I'd
resurrect an old project and I have! FINALLY I have posted the next
episode of
SPD 51. I hope you'll check this series out. I'm really stoked to
be working on this one again and I look forward to finally finishing it after
all this time. I have also fixed some more broken links. It's a work in
progress. Refer to the FAQ for more info on that.

7/19/19- OK so updates are slow. Sorry. I sprained my ankle then had/
chemo a few days later. It is all in the works. For now I updated the
with some great new info on this site which should clear some stuff up.
More stories are coming. I have a lot of back log. I just have to get it
posted. I'm also resurrecting some old projects that were undone so I
hope you'll enjoy that coming up. As always I love hearing from you. You
can always reach out via the feedback form or email me directly at
cillahagle@gmail.com. Stay tuned!

7/12/19- I know it's been awhile. I don't often share my personal life
through this site but it's been a hell of a year. My dad passed away in Feb
and then a few weeks after I was diagnosed with cancer. I've been
fighting my own cancer battle the last few months and it's going well. I
should be just fine. In the meantime the site has obviously not been
updated. That doesn't mean I haven't been writing. I have and I have a lot
of new material to update with. Stay tuned over the next few days
because I'm going to upload a bunch of new stuff and relink some old
stuff. Over the next week you will wee a crap ton of updates so keep
checking back!

12/28/18- So many changes have happened at this site in the last 24 hours
I'm not even sure how to list them all. New universes, updated looks, and
most importantly, a new series! There is going to be a LOT more content
coming in the next 24 hours as well and incorrect links to some things
will be fixed. There are 2 things to take note of however...there will be a
Trainer Series section called "Missing Years" that will cover some of what
happened to Michelle between Samurai Storm (which I still hope to finish)
and the new series called Multiverse. Missing Years isn't up quite yet, but
it will be very soon. The 2nd things to note is that there is a new series!
Episode 1 of
Multiverse is up now. For the first time in years we finally
have some new content. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned as more is
added in the coming days!

12/27/18- Sorry for lack of site updates. While you may not have seen
much happening on the site, there has been a crap ton of things happening
behind the scenes. Pages getting fixed, new content being written,
timelines being altered. A lot of new content is coming to this site very
soon. The first change you'll notice is this page. The previous enter link
has been replaced with a drop down asking you to choose a universe.
This is because Uncharted Wind is venturing into a multiverse. In the
banner above you now see 4 different versions of Michelle. Who are they
all? You'll find out soon. While the "Main" universe ("A" as I'm calling it)
is the only one up now, 3 more will follow very soon so stay tuned.

8/31/18- UnchartedWind.com is long gone. There are several reasons
why but in it's place is UnchartedWind.net! Most of the old
UnchartedWind.com content is up now on this site. Some of it will still
have broken links from the old site that I will be fixing over the next few
weeks and even still some of the old stories will be getting a bit of an
overhaul, like Genesis. Look for new and refreshed content in the coming
weeks and be patient as we work to get Uncharted Wind back to it's
former glory. I'm super excited for the renovations and I hope you will
enjoy it as well. Stay tuned!